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Historical Background of University of offa

In 1996 Dr. Rasaq Omoniyi OYEWALE established Omolabake Nursery and Primary School, Offa and followed it up with Omalabake College, Offa in 2001. After a successful expedition in the delivery of primary and secondary education, He ventured into the provision of higher education by establishing the School of Preliminary Studies and College of Education in 2002 and 2005 respectively in Offa.   

He took the decision to establish a private university in 2006 and set up an interim Planning Committee to work out the details and modalities for establishing the University of Offa. The Committee commenced work on the processing of the approval for the University by committing to meeting the requirements of the National Universities Commission in the establishment of private universities.  A 102-hectare piece of land was acquired in Offa for this purpose.  A 10-man University Planning Committee was eventually inaugurated on 22nd January, 2006 to conclude the registration processes of the university.