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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the university are:

  •  To provide teaching and research tailored towards practical application of knowledge and appropriate understanding of social and technological realities, necessary for solving problems in different spheres of human life.
  • To provide high quality academic staff with excellent teaching and research skills in order to promote a reputation of academic excellence for the proposed university.
  • To provide good quality learning facilities necessary for teaching and research for students and academic staff.
  • To design benchmark objectives for each academic programme for academic excellence.
  • To promote academic exchange and interaction between the university and other universities (local and international) in order to offer staff and students the benefit of cross-fertilization of ideas and wider experience.
  • To adhere to the master plan of the University so as to provide functional infrastructures and aesthetic values for the university community.  To this end, the University shall have a strict policy for all the inhabitants in the maintenance and efficient usage of the roads, other infrastructures as well as the fields, trees and flowers.
  • To give priority to the development of lecturers by promoting journals and research work and by encouraging overseas training, seminars and workshops.